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  • Image of TOGETHER BLM Pin
  • Image of TOGETHER BLM Pin
  • Image of TOGETHER BLM Pin

Veridis Quo Design stands in solidarity with the black community and the movement sweeping our country and the world to fight against injustice, police brutality and systemic racism. With the help of the extraordinary artist, @instantreigen, we’re excited to unveil the TOGETHER BLM Pin — a special tribute to Black Lives Matters to show our solidarity and appreciation for all the protesters and fighters against injustice. All profits from this design will be donated to the NAACP Legal and Education fund. Only 50 are made in this new silver and gold split metal technique standing 1.75 inches tall.

VQD believes in diversity and inclusion and we feel it is our duty as designers and music lovers to support and help unite the community. Much of what we do & love, especially electronic music, is originated and inspired by black dancers & artists.

With that being said, our hearts are heavy in light of recent events. Not only do we want to show solidarity with the black community, but also our appreciation.

Thank you for your strength and courage during a time proven unimaginable. We celebrate ALL that you are. TOGETHER we will make the future an equal place, a just place, a better place.

Limited to 50 pieces
1.75 in // 4.5cm tall
2 back posts
Backstamped with the VQD and INSTANTREIGEN logo